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Alex and Brook Lopez w/ Robbie The Robot. 2014

John Byrne w/ Robbie The Robot. 2004.

John shared this story on his website today:

Yesterday, there were giants in the earth, or at least in my house!

Arranged by Jim Warden, I had a visit from brothers Alex and Brook Lopez, who stopped by to pick up a commission piece. (Another in the “alphabet” series, which, unfortunately, I forgot to scan while they were here.)

Jim had told me they were both basketball players, but to be honest that meant nothing to me. My knowledge of sports is such that when I talk to someone who IS knowledgeable, they actually end up knowing LESS, since the black hole of my ignorance actually sucks knowledge out of them!

The guys were very pleasant, fun to chat with, and after a tour of the house and stop in the Studio so they could watch me finish their piece (Jim had suggested I wait to do this), we went out to lunch at a local deli. And then it started. People began offering wishes for a speedy recover to Brook, who was on crutches with an injured leg. People started asking for his autograph. And this without anything about him, like a logo on his jacket or the like, to identify him or his profession. They were RECOGNIZING him. Slowly I began to realize I was in the presence of giants in more ways than one.

Jim asked me to take a picture of the guys with one of my “giant robots,” as that is a pretty standard part of a visit to my house for most people. The result was most definitely NOT standard!

Alex is 6’10” and played basketball at the University of Washington. Brook Lopez is a 7’0” center with the Brooklyn Nets. They have another brother, Brook’s twin Robin a 7’0” center who plays with the Portland Trail Blazers. 

In August of 2013, Alex posted on John’s site about the reason for the commissions. Below is his comment and links to the commissions done so far.

So, I commissioned this piece along with the C for Cyborg and a few others for my brother who is organizing his comic collection in custom drawers. The idea is to then alphabetize the drawers using various commissions of heroes and villains with their corresponding letters.

I just gotta say though, that while the Cyborg piece just blew me away, this one takes me back to being a kid, reading about a Batman and Robin who got along and were always off on some awesome adventure in Gotham. Who needs the nu52? I’ll take fun superheroes any day of the week. Beautifully done!!!

B is for Batman & Robin commission

C is for Cyborg commission

F is for Fantastic Four commission

H is for Hawkman commission

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